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Books Published






The Secrets of a Successful Small Business: What the University Will Not Teach You.  Check out the book website. The author draws from over forty years of seasoned experience as an entrepreneur. He has founded and operated small businesses in a wide range of industries. This book presents a breadth of important, but hard-to-find topics, for small business owners. Chapters include selection of business structure, selecting, hiring and firing of employees, web site development, advertising, marketing, telecommunications needs, business insurance, travel, children in the workplace, religious expression on the job, trade show participation, travel, taxes, profitability and cash flow analysis, and dozens of other important topics for the small business owner.A copy may be purchased from Amazon.com. It is available in both paperback and Kindle versions.



Forgiveness: Unleashing a Transformational Process. Check out the book website.  In Forgiveness: Unleashing a Transformational Process, Larry D. Ellis addresses one of the most challenging topics, the receiving and giving of forgiveness. He addresses the historic Christian perspective of forgiveness being the sole responsibility of the one who has been hurt or offended. Ellis puts forth an extensive development from ancient documents, pivotal biblical passages, especially Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, and a number of traumatizing realities of the current time. His chapter on the Fictional Myths of Forgiveness is particularly insightful, exposing a number of cultural perspectives that presents a counterfeit imitation of forgiveness, which will never lead to full reconciliation between persons in great conflict. It is available in both paperback and Kindle versions. A copy may be purchased from Amazon.com.